A little birdie told me ….

Spring birdWelcome!

It’s hard to know what to open with but if I’d waited for that big ‘ta-dah’ project, you could have been waiting a while.

So let’s start small and hopefully things will grow.

This year, I decided I wanted to both reduce my stash and try out some handmade gifts.

One day at school pick up time, I arrived to see a handful of my daughter, Honey’s class mates exiting in tears. ‘That doesn’t look good’ I said to myself, wondering what was happening. It transpired that their adored teacher had broken the news to them that she wouldn’t be there next term as she had to go into hospital.

Honey was adamant that she wanted to give her teacher something. I scratched my head for days on end and was almost about to give up hope and make her an oven glove (not very exciting) when I saw  ‘Flora, the Spring Bird‘ over on Sew Mama Sew.

I knew I had felt and some embroidery thread so right then and there I said ‘Yep, that’s just the thing – perfect!’

I thought it would be a really quick make but it actually took me longer than I thought. On the evening before, I was madly stitching away and stuffing. The bird needs to be weighted in the bottom so it stands up. The pattern calls for nuts (of the nuts and bolts variety not the edible, loved by squirrel’s version). It was dark, it was late. I was NOT making a trip to the shed in a hunt for the required hardware, so I headed instead for the kitchen bits and bobs drawer (doesn’t everyone have one?). I couldn’t find a single nut but I did find some football studs. Weighing them in my hand, I thought they’ll do. Well, they didn’t. The poor bird decided it wanted to loll on it’s stomach instead! By this point, I didn’t care. I needed sleep!!

By morning, I had a plan. I got up early, got ready super quick and asked Honey if I could raid her stone collection, explaining the reason why. Whilst they munched on their breakfasts, I hastily unpicked the back seam, whipped out the football studs and plopped in two pebbles. I’m so glad I did. The bird stood up and looked great. I even found a bit of time to pop her on my shelf to take some photos. She did look beautiful perched there,  I guess I’ll just have to make one for myself one day. Until next time x

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