Lest we forget…. Crocheted Remembrance Poppy

I don’t crochet – it’s a well-known fact. Or rather I do, but not very often and I have to look up the stitches every time and I can’t watch TV at the same time!

To all intents and purposes I am a knitter who occasionally dabbles in crochet.

But for some things, I will always turn to crochet because, well it just works.

Flowers is one of them. You can’t beat crochet for flowers, I don’t think knitted ones look anywhere near as good.

This year, I thought I’d try poppies.


Fortunately I picked up a copy of Simply Crochet which had a pattern in it (they have it available free on their website). I changed it slightly as I didn’t have any black yarn so I just did the whole poppy in red and added a button to the centre.

I also added a leaf using this pattern which I just did all in one colour (Note: the instructions for this pattern are written using US terms).

And then all I had to do was add a brooch pin to the back.


For someone who doesn’t crochet I managed to make 3 in one night! My husband turned one down!!

Now we have something rather more permanent than the paper poppies.

And of course, I can still donate to the Royal British Legion. You can do so via your mobile:

To donate £3 text POPPY to 70020*
*Cost £3 plus standard network charges (typically £2.97 goes to the Poppy Appeal)

I’ve been going through a run of smaller projects lately, and well, it’s really satisfying to finish something in a few hours rather than the weeks and months some of my projects take.

Which do you prefer, large timely projects or the smaller bite-sized variety?