Lest we forget…. Crocheted Remembrance Poppy

I don’t crochet – it’s a well-known fact. Or rather I do, but not very often and I have to look up the stitches every time and I can’t watch TV at the same time!

To all intents and purposes I am a knitter who occasionally dabbles in crochet.

But for some things, I will always turn to crochet because, well it just works.

Flowers is one of them. You can’t beat crochet for flowers, I don’t think knitted ones look anywhere near as good.

This year, I thought I’d try poppies.


Fortunately I picked up a copy of Simply Crochet which had a pattern in it (they have it available free on their website). I changed it slightly as I didn’t have any black yarn so I just did the whole poppy in red and added a button to the centre.

I also added a leaf using this pattern which I just did all in one colour (Note: the instructions for this pattern are written using US terms).

And then all I had to do was add a brooch pin to the back.


For someone who doesn’t crochet I managed to make 3 in one night! My husband turned one down!!

Now we have something rather more permanent than the paper poppies.

And of course, I can still donate to the Royal British Legion. You can do so via your mobile:

To donate £3 text POPPY to 70020*
*Cost £3 plus standard network charges (typically £2.97 goes to the Poppy Appeal)

I’ve been going through a run of smaller projects lately, and well, it’s really satisfying to finish something in a few hours rather than the weeks and months some of my projects take.

Which do you prefer, large timely projects or the smaller bite-sized variety?



Crafting never stops…

Catching up on makes

Phew!! It’s been a while. And I have to say that the sewing, knitting and general crafting doesn’t halt but the blogging about it often gets sidelined.

Christmas was a busy time. I must have churned out some 11 handmade items, some of which are featured above. And not one for me 😦 So it’s time to play catch up!

1. Not really a Christmas make, but one that has never been shared. You may remember I made the Oliver & S School Days coat for Honey and that I had a Burda pattern (View C of  9676) in the making for Poppet. Well it proved so popular that I couldn’t get it off her long enough to take any decent pictures. That and it being in the wash rather often – permanent black marker (I nearly cried, until I discovered hairspray – yes, folks it gets black marker out of clothes) and a good share of mud. She loves it and even with us now being in winter still wants to wear it. I have a feeling it might not be big enough this summer.

2. A little fishes key ring (free gift kit from Mollie Makes issue 29) – one of those little gifts that takes far longer than you want it to! I found as it was so dainty and fiddly that the sewing machine really didn’t work and had to sew it by hand (as per the instructions). I didn’t used the supplied fabric but instead scraps left over from the fabulous bundle from M is for Make.

3. A dachshund pencil case. This kind of thing is great for practicing inserting zips without you being too worried about the finish and is somewhere super cute to keep your pens and pencils!

4. Elephant pyjama bottoms in a super cosy cotton flannel (now out of stock) for Honey. The pattern (#40) is from Ottobre which Jo from Three Stories High has lent me. It’s a plus-size pattern so I had to alter it somewhat to get it to a sensible size. I also made a t-shirt style pyjama top (#38) from the same magazine in the same knit fabric as the tie. They have been a big hit!

5. The eagle eyed amongst you will already have spotted that this is a Cooper from Colette’s Walden collection. It’s a fabulous pattern which comes together beautifully. I used waxed cotton and some waterproof fabric left over from Honey’s coat for the lining. My husband was very impressed with it and despite knowing and seeing my makes was really blown away by the fact that I’d made it. Luckily, I used a bag that had seen better days to reclaim the hardware. I WILL be making one of these for me – maybe with slightly adjusted proportions – probably in some Cath Kidston inspired oilcloth.

6. Meet Little Red Riding Hood and Mr. Wolf! Cute aren’t they? They’re crocheted amigurumi from issue 10 of Simply Crochet. Now I don’t normally crochet but when I saw the magazine I couldn’t resist especially as a certain little person has a real thing for Little Red. I’m very touched that she often asks for her at bedtime. This is a real honour as neither of my children have ever shown any interest in taking soft toys or anything else to bed.

7. Two makes in one. The scarf really was a Labour of Love, knitted in Debbie Bliss Angel (so close to Rowan Kidsilk Haze you wouldn’t notice the difference) this is the Olivia Mohair scarf with bobbles. For saying it was just a scarf it probably took some 7 days of pretty consistent knitting to finish it – I was in panic mode. It has a beautiful pattern and I love how it turned out but I shan’t be knitting it again!

And the dress is Figgy’s Sunki in purple Ponte di Roma. Not a suggested fabric as the dress is intended for wovens but nevertheless a pretty successful make. One thing I need to remember in future is that I need to take a chunk out at centre back and front to get a better fit. It’s a shame that you can’t see the design lines in this fabric clearly. The dress I think has a real sixties vibe to it and I think would work well as a colour blocked design.

There you have it – a small collection of my recent makes. Stay tuned to see what pops up next ….. I may just have sewn jeans.