It’s all about running – Kwik Sew 3455 leggings

I’m new to running.

I started running over the summer when I found that I needed a sanity break whilst I wasn’t walking my 20 -30 miles on the school run.

Once school started again, I kept going.

To start with I just ran in what I had in my drawer but as the months went by I realised that I probably needed a few more clothes, if only to cut down on the times the washing machine was on!

First off I hit the shops. It was depressing. Nothing fitted particularly well. Too big, too long……

So naturally I turned to my sewing machine. I found Kwik Sew 3455 – looked simple enough and ordered some grey (yawn ….. boring) supplex from Tissu.

I sewed up a size small  straight off the pattern based on my measurements. It’s a one piece pattern (aside from the gusset – yep, you heard me right, they are gussetted leggings) and a doddle to sew.

But they were HUGE and very baggy. Not a good look! I must have lopped some 6 inches out of the thighs and a couple out of the hips and waist. They could probably do with a bit more out at the hip/ waist area if I’m honest.

They have been out loads of times, through the mud, raced in them and been in and out of the washer and dryer. They’re fabulous, super soft, bobble free and haven’t shrunk a bit.

I also ran up a belt using this tutorial. It’s great for popping my phone and keys in and there’s even enough space to cram my gloves in. It was quick and straightforward to sew and the foldover elastic (purchased from here) went on a treat – much easier than I’d thought. It works so well,  I often forget I have it on!!


There’s a lot in there!! Gloves, phone and keys

Next up I’m going for something a little more exciting – Fehrtrade’s PB Jam Leggings. They’ve been on a test run (one 11 miler and a hill training session) and now all I’m waiting for is a photographer to be around when it’s still daylight – roll on British Summer Time!!


5 thoughts on “It’s all about running – Kwik Sew 3455 leggings

  1. I have missed some of your posts Louise, You have been super busy! Love the little shawl scarf on G and your pink sweater is lovely. I can see you are going to become the master sewer of leggings. Jo xx

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