Edie Sweater – how not to knit

Edie-sweater It’s been a while – almost 2 months to the day to be precise.

Mind you, not as long as it has taken me to make this sweater! It’s probably been about 3 years in the making. I am having a bit of a splurge on UFO’s at the moment and this one was top of the list.

If you haven’t discovered Kim Hargreaves patterns yet – then go out any buy one of her books now! They are beautiful to behold and even if you don’t knit anything from them, the photography, attention to detail and sumptuous yarns are enough to keep anyone inspired.

Edie, is a “deep raglan sweater with a wide neck” and has been designed to be knit in Rowan Kid Classic. For anyone who knows their Rowan yarns, this contains mohair – which well, is never going to work for me. I will spend my life itching and sneezing!! That said it’s a beautiful yarn and because of its mohair content is wonderfully light.

Instead, I knit it up in Louisa Harding’s Thistle.

Here are where my problems started….

First off, when putting a project down for a significant amount of time, it helps to take notes about little things like TENSION, NEEDLE SIZE and so on. I have a hunch that the front is knitted on 4mm and the rest on 4.5mm.

Second, after having knitted the front, back & one sleeve, it was pretty clear I wasn’t going to have enough yarn – arrggghh. So I decided to safety pin it together and try it on.

It was huge!! About 3 inches too long and the arms were all baggy. I wasn’t sold on the style and I wasn’t going to undo it all and start again 😦

Edie sweater - the sleeves

Batwing, dolman or deep raglan?

In a bid to cheer me up, I bought and downloaded Andi Saterlund’s Agatha determined to frog poor Edie and put it down to experience.

I then started looking around at how to fix the length issue.

Always up for a challenge, I followed this tutorial and shorted the front & back by 3 1/2 inches and the arms by 3 cms (yep, I know a great mixture of metric and imperial!!) WITHOUT having to start again. I was pretty confident that I had saved enough yarn to finish the last sleeve but with 6 rows to go….

I ran out!!! I nearly cried.

Louisa Harding’s Thistle is now discontinued. I knew there was no chance I would be able to get the same lot but decided that with only a few rows and the neckband to go that any variation in colours between lots should hopefully be minimal.

I was lucky. I can’t even tell I’ve used different lots.

Feeling pretty good with myself, I started blocking and making up.

The front was about 1 inch shorter than the back and as for the raglan sleeves….. inches too long. Luckily I’m creative with my mattress stitch and a good steam block after sewing means everything fits perfectly. At last – a result!!

And all my problems boil down to not keeping notes … but it does go to show that wool is quite forgiving after all 🙂

Am I going to keep notes from now on? Maybe…..

Me and Edie


10 thoughts on “Edie Sweater – how not to knit

  1. Well done for persevering and finishing it! I normally sketch a pattern for all pieces with all measurements. After I knitted, say, 10 cm, I measure the width to make sure it’s ok. If it’s too wide/narrow, I undo and start again. You can’t imagine how many times I had to undo! Sometimes the whole piece, if I wasn’t hapy with it.. But it’s all experience 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by. I find I learn something new with each item that I knit. But getting the tension right is definitely a must! I’m starting to learn what adjustments I need to get things to fit for me – knitting is a bit more fiddly to get right than sewing!

  2. What a good job you did in finishing it. Knitting can be a bit of an adventure sometimes, you never quite know how it’s going to turn out until the end. I hear you about taking notes, I just dug up an old half done project and luckily I had noted down the needle size!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Erin. I still haven’t gone any further with note taking :-/ I love the things you’ve been knitting lately. Your daughters lacey sweater is beautiful. I look forwards to seeing what you finish next 🙂

  3. Lovely sweater! And great to know that you persevered and finished it.

    Beautiful colour. I was in a Hobbycraft shop today (buying art materials + presents) and saw all their wools and thought “hmm, maybe I should finish some of my own woollen items” but then my toddler ran off into the art section so my mind was switched for me 🙂

    p.s. love stopping by here from time to time.

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  5. Wow- that’s gorgeous! Hehe- the never ending saga of knitting and not knowing how it will turn out is until you stitch it up all those hours and hours of work later. I just finished the Shirley jumper from the Rowan angora haze book and it is a complete disaster! The sleeves are so voluminous that it makes me look like the incredible hulk and I didn’t realise till I put it on the the colour makes me look horribly jaundiced. But then I was straight onto the next project undeterred- my hubby thinks I’m craaaazy! Love the way yours has turned out, and the colour is gorgeous 🙂 Well done with the perseverance! I do tend to keep notes but then I lose them which is not very useful!

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