Wardrobe planning – Autumn / Winter

Sewing has stalled somewhat at the moment, partly due to the summer holidays, partly due to needing to recut a pattern piece to finish View C of  Burda 9676 which I’m making for Poppet . The fabric that I’m using has a tendency to fray and whilst I was doing the gathering for the bottom frill, has frayed so much that there’s not much left!   Oh well, I will sort it out over the next week as apart from that there is very little left to do.

Instead I’ve been getting on with some knitting.


I’ve finished my Kim Hargreaves ‘Bud’, blog post coming soon – honest! And have started on the mandatory back to school knitting as Honey does kind of need another cardi. I always knit the Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan from MadelineTosh. Great results every time!!

But I do get plenty of thinking time and I am always about 3 projects ahead of myself. Having read Lauren’s wonderful post on improving your sewing productivity, I decided I needed a list.

Earlier in the year I had a bit of a wardrobe cull and decided to pull out everything that either didn’t fit properly (an awful lot was just too big now) or I didn’t like. I wasn’t left with a great deal – oooppps. I don’t mind having a much emptier wardrobe but I am finding it uninspiring and rather, well, boring.

So I’ve come up with a list of things that I need in my wardrobe. As a mother who walks some 5 miles a day I need a pretty practical wardrobe that is going to work with my trainers or my gorgeous Merrell snow boots and that’s going to keep me warm both outside and at home.

First up it’s the turn of the top! Long sleeve t-shirt style tops are a wardrobe staple for me. The first two patterns that sprang to mind are Megan Nielsen’s Briar and Sewaholic’s Renfrew. But I felt I needed a more fitted, layering piece. So I’ve decided on the Birgitte Basic Tee from Maria Denmark.

Maria Denmark Birgitte Basic Tee

Winnie over at Scruffy Badger has a perfect version and shows exactly what I’m looking for and there are even instructions to customise the neckline over on Maria’s blog. I do like a boat neck top 🙂

I already have quite a few knits in my stash, so come September, I reckon I’m good to go (must remember to stock up on a few notions though). New wardrobe here we come!

Anyone else getting excited about the season to come?

Next up – Jeans, leggings & pants


3 thoughts on “Wardrobe planning – Autumn / Winter

  1. What a lovely photo of you and your newly sewn top! It looks really professional and a great choice of fabric.
    I love a striped long sleeve top too…. I must have bought sooo many of these types of tops from Gap over the years. I need to plunge in at the deep end and sewn my own version – Do you have an overlocker to sew the knit fabric? I only have a basic Bernina (lovely machine I’ve had since I was 18) so I’d have to sew using the stretch stitch – not sure how professional the end results would be.

    • I wish I could say it’s my top – but it isn’t!! It’s Maria’s version from her blog! Really must try harder to label my images 😉 I do have an overlocker. It’s a very old 3 thread Janome overlocker but it seems to work out well. I know that there are a lot of tutorials out there for sewing kits on a normal machine – most just suggest using a zigzag stitch but you can of course use a stretch stitch on your machine. I was pretty apprehensive about sewing knits but they’re actually really quick and surprisingly straightforward. Well worth the plunge 🙂

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