The best laid plans ….

Measuring up the teepee

As any project manager knows, plans do change. Things may take longer than expected, staff or other resources may become unavailable. It happens. My plans this week have been turned upside down.

A website that I work on (voluntarily) had to be put ‘live’ due to the existing site being taken down with no notice. The first I knew about it was staff calling me asking why they couldn’t access their emails. I had a very fraught 48 hours getting the site up and working. I have nothing but nice things to say about the host (Clook) they were great and pointed me in the right direction when I was really, really stuck. I then had to down tools for a whole range of reasons (funerals, hospital appointments, birthdays).

Sewing therefore, has had to take a bit of a back seat. But as I’m on a deadline (Honey’s birthday) it can’t stop altogether!

I have now finished her Oliver & S Sailboat skirt and a top that I’ve made from a self-drafted block. Pictures will have to wait until she is able to model them! Fingers crossed they fit…

Oliver & S Sailboat Top and Skirt

Making things from old, unloved clothes was not as straightforward as I thought! Firstly, it’s hard to find where the grain should be once you’ve unpicked everything – I guessed! Secondly, some clothes just aren’t as big as you think they are and getting a whole skirt back from one leg of jeans was challenging.

The latter was the reason why I end up drafting my own pattern. The sailboat top has a lovely boat neckline which fastens with buttons. I tried adapting it but I just wasn’t confident that it was going to work and it still wouldn’t fit on the fabric I had, so I decided to draft my own. At least that way, I know exactly what the measurements are and where to adjust if necessary.

sleeveless-blockIt was pretty straightforward to draft and one big bonus of the sleeveless block is that the armscyes (armholes to you and me!) are the same for the front and back.

That’s two projects down for the big birthday bash and one to go. As you can see we’ve measured up for the teepee. Ian just needs to put his maths skills into practice and tell me exactly how large my panels need to be so I can cut them out. That will be tomorrows job – along with lots more tidying!!


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