Everyone needs a plan…

When I decided I wanted to start blogging I hadn’t realised how much my head would be buzzing with ideas – things to sew, patterns to draft, things to knit, presents to make. There is so much inspiration out there, it’s hard for me to know where to start.
So with my best project managers hat on (ohhhh that life before children!), I need a plan.
Setting deadlines and tracking milestones isn’t really going to work for my current lifestyle where everything needs to be moveable but I need some kind of task list to keep my objectives at the fore.

I also took heart from So Zo’s recent post about refashioning and using your fabric stash. It just fits in with the rest of my ethos for life and yet it hadn’t occurred to me before that it was an area that I could address. That said, I have boxes of fabric (dressmaking and home dec) that are crying out to be used (and I need to reclaim the space).

So incorporating both those ideas, here is the first in a series of posts on my sewing, knitting and crafting plans.

May is always a busy month for me as there are two birthdays – and well they’re a big deal for Honey (she’ll be 7). I always try to make something for the girl’s birthdays. Last year, Honey was feeling left out because I’d made things for Poppet so I made her a bear.

Birthday Bear

A birthday bear for Honey

This year my plans are probably a little more ambitious – if not larger in scale!

Here’s what I have planned

  • Teepee

This will be loosely based on My Poppet’s DIY Tee Pee although I plan to make it a little larger and I may put a bottom in it. I’m hoping I have enough pieces of fabric in my stash in suitable weights to mean I don’ t need to buy anything.

  • Denim skirt

I’m going to use an old pair of Ian’s (my husband!) jeans as he always wears them out in the seat area and do something with my Oliver & S Sailboat skirt pattern

  • Top

I’m still undecided on the top. I may use the Oliver & S Sailboat top pattern and turn it into either a sleeveless or short sleeve top in woven fabric or as a t-shirt. I have hand-me-down items that could be refashioned into either.

I love planning things to make for the girls and I’m hoping the the Tee Pee will be a big hit. Hopefully, she’ll be able to use it both indoors and out. I’m sure I’ll be asked if she can sleep out in it!!


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